Our Vision
Our clients are the essence of our existence; we are here for them, because of them and with the aim to serve them beyond their expectations.
To foster our position as a superior and leading Corporate Travel Provider which operates in Israel and throughout the world.

To be an innovative company able to attract & develop quality employees, with an organizational culture and methods of operation that service as a business model.

To be a profitable company built for unlimited growth and able to give back to the community.
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Global Network
Diesenhaus-BTC is the exclusive representative in Israel of one of the largest corporate travel conglomerate in the world - BCD Travel BCD Travel
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Advanced Technology
Diesenhaus-BTC’s state-of-the-art technologies assist our customers in managing their business travel program. We offer:
Advanced management reports, price control and a travel support system for corporate travelers.
One Stop Shop
Diesenhaus-BTC is the largest business travel agency in Israel, providing travel-related services that operate in synergy with the company’s business activities. This allows us to offer our customers comprehensive travel solutions that meet all of their travel needs.
Incentive Travel - Diesenhaus-BTC specializes in organizing corporate trips and exclusive events, such as team-building events and product launches.
Let’s Talk Business
Diesenhaus-BTC is here for you, to provide quick and effective travel solutions at all times.
We have decades of experience and a worldwide reputation as a service provider for the business traveler. Diesenhaus-BTC is Israel’s No. 1 Travel Management company.
Diesenhaus-BTC Corporate Clients
Diesenhaus-BTC is Israel’s largest corporate travel agency.
We provide travel services for a variety of businesses in Israel, ranging from small enterprises to mega corporations.
Our clients enjoy the close, individualized service of an independent travel agency, but with the robust backup of Israel’s largest travel network.

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